Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Advertising Space Now Available!

Online Traffic Formula is a breakthrough home study course that includes an affiliate program. It is a high ticket item that sells for $1995, with an upsell of $2995. That being said, there is no doubt that this program will be very competitive, especially for search engine rankings.

So why advertise on this blog and the Online Traffic Formula Squidoo Lens?

Because they both display on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase: online traffic formula

Now you can easily show up on the front page of Google for the same keyword phrase by utilizing Google Adwords - y'know, the ads that fall under 'sponsored links'. But mind you, you will only be receiving a very small portion of the traffic which is caused when someone actually clicks on your ad. To make it worse, you will get charged a couple of dollars or so EVERY TIME your ad is clicked, and this can be happen every second of the hour by people around the world 24/7 who may not even have a peak of interest in what you have to offer, but just want to make your Adwords bill higher... sounds crazy?! It is.

Getting charged on a daily basis with no results is not what you want. What you do want is highly targeted, reliable, and affordable traffic. On the blog and/or lens, you will get unlimited clicks for a flat fee (no subscriptions).

All the advertising space available on the blog and lens is open to the public and also other affiliate programs who may be interested in reverse marketing. This includes programs like Big Ticket To Wealth, Wealthy Marketer, Roadmap To Riches, Little Guy Network, Passport To Wealth, EDC Gold/Diamond, etc.

Here are the details below:
Side-page Text Links
To the left side above "Blog Archive", your choice of text will be linked to your URL. This will help you rank better for the keyword you are targeting because you will receive a new backlink to your site every time a new post is made to the blog. Your paid text link is sitewide, not just on one page.

Price: $7 per month (pay month to month, no subscriptions)

Option: If you would like your ad to be on top of all the other side-page text links, you can opt to pay $2 more than what the owner of the current ad last paid to have their ad on top.

*If the keyword you want is already being used, there is an extra $5 fee required. This is to avoid keyword spamming and risking the blog to be penalized or sent to Google's Sandbox.

Footer Text Links
At the bottom of the blog, your choice of text will be linked to your URL. This will help you rank better for the keyword you are targeting because you will receive a new backlink to your site every time a new post is made to the blog. Your paid text link is sitewide, not just on one page.

Price: $5 per month (pay month to month, no subscriptions)

*If the keyword you want is already being used, there is an extra $5 fee required. This is to avoid keyword spamming and risking the blog to be penalized or sent to Google's Sandbox.

If you have a 468x120, 125x125, or a square/rectangle banner ad with the right message, then this is ideal for your exposure. Prospects are more prone to clicking on banners that look appealing and have killer headlines.

Price: $8 per month (pay month to month, no subscriptions)

Your Own Featured Article
This option is for those who want the most out of their business. You provide me with your own article containing your choice of any three keywords. These three keywords will be linked to any three sites you wish, enhancing your keyword ranking and link building strategies.

Price: $10 per article & $2 per extra link if you need more

Your article will remain at the top spot of the front page for at least 24 hours. We also provide articles for an extra fee.

Author Access

For $45, you can get author access to this blog and post unlimited articles for 30 consecutive days.

For $200, you can get lifetime author access to this blog.

Online Traffic Formula on Squidoo
For rates and information, please visit

If you would like to have your advertisment shown on this blog or the squidoo lens for maximum exposure and targeted traffic, send an email to: with "re: otf ads" in the subject line.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Is Special Because...

Not only is it that special occasion for spending quality time with your significant one...

But this year's Valentine's Day has opening up spots for advertising.

There will be several options for advertising in terms of where your ad will be displayed, prices, length of time, and so on.

This offer will be open to the general public. Of course including Online Traffic Formula affiliates, and even competing programs for those who want to target market.

Advertising on this blog will be beneficial for your business promotion as this site receives a lot of traffic under the keyword phrase 'online traffic formula'.

I will make another post regarding more information on the available advertising space. First customers will get bonus advertising space for free or either a very small fee. I yet have to decide.

Be sure to watch out for the update.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Online Traffic Formula A Scam?

Are you trying to figure out whether or not the Online Traffic Formula is a scam or an honest opportunity? This article will cover some of your concerns so that you can make a final decision on joining the Online Traffic Formula.

Just before we get into it, you need to know that there are three crucial things to consider when making your decision to join a new company: the owner, the products, and the compensation plan.

The Founder
The owner of Online Traffic Formula is Jason Pearson. He founded the Perfect Wealth Formula as well, which is a successful affiliate program that revolutionized the internet marketing world with its two tier compensation plan.

The Products
The Online Traffic Formula product is a complete home study course. It covers topics on how to market, manage, and organize your online or offline business. The course comes with three manuals and over 25 CD's. In addition, members get access to a students only website which contains a series of camtasia videos and unadvertised bonuses. An optional product that only Online Traffic Formula customers can also purchase, are tickets to a live three day seminar where Jason Pearson teaches. The Online Traffic Formula products are standalone. It's a bonus to be able to sell them.

The Compensation Plan
When members resell the physically shipped product, they make a $1000 commission. If they also refer a new Online Traffic Formula customer to the three day seminar, the referrer will make a $1500 commission. In the event that the new customer rejects the three day seminar from the referrer, Jason Pearson's expert team will kindly encourage the newcomer to join. If the newcomer decides to join, the referrer will make a $750 (50% of what they would have made if they sold it without Jason's expert team) commission from doing nothing. This is a very beneficial compensation plan.

Based on the details provided above, the Online Traffic Formula is not a scam. It has a phenomenal compensation plan, top notch products, and a reputable owner that has done very well in the past.

I hope that this article has informed you accurately enough to know that this program is not a scam.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jason Pearson - The Man Behind Online Traffic Formula

You reached this article because you must be wondering who Jason Pearson is. If you don't know about him, then read on. If you think you really know about him, then you might want to read on anyway.

Starting out with an offline business dealing with properties, to moving in the online world of business, Jason can be considered as a businessman with a lot of diversity.

Now don't let this description of Jason Pearson intimidate you at all. Jason is an awesome guy that you can talk to on your own level without being scared of what he has to say back. To show his caring side and generosity, Jason donates money to churches on a weekly basis.

On the contrary, Jason Pearson is an excellent internet marketer. What he can teach you will have an impact on how you do business and will excel your performance in sales.

Jason's newest internet business is Online Traffic Formula. This program is rumored to expose some very underground marketing techniques that hasn't been shown before. Before releasing Online Traffic Formula, Jason Pearson was focused on Perfect Wealth Formula. Perfect Wealth Formula is where Jason used the two tier compensation structure.

You see, this is Jason Pearson. A caring individual who has a drive to help others succeed.

From a brick and mortar businessman, to an online success, there is more to learn about Jason Pearson. Not only learning about him, but learning from him can help you in business and life.

To learn more about Jason Pearson, visit

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Online Traffic Formula Review

You've landed on this article because you are looking for an honest review about Online Traffic Formula. Well, you are in the right place at the right time because I'm going to provide you here with a fair review about the program. So let's get started.

About The Company

Online Traffic Formula is a complete home study course with an affiliate program opportunity. It was created by Jason Pearson. Jason Pearson is also the creator of Perfect Wealth Formula, another successful affiliate program.

The Products

The home study course is a physically shipped product that comes with three manuals and over 25 CD's. There is a students only website for Online Traffic Formula members as well. Jason has also included an optional three day live seminar for his members as an additional product offer.

Joining Fees

The cost to buy the home study course is $1995 and a monthly fee of $14.97 if you would like to promote it as an affiliate. If the member would like to upgrade to the seminar, it is an additional $3995. However, if the member upgrades within the time sensitive period, they will get a $1000 discount, paying only an extra $2995.

Compensation Plan

Online Traffic Formula is based around a standalone product, but members have the option to resell it as an affiliate. Members get paid a $1000 commission for the home study course. Affiliates can also resell the upgraded option to their customer that bought the home study course. The payout for the upgraded option is a $1500 commission with exception that the customer has upgraded with in a certain time frame. If the customer upgrades after the limited time period, the referrer will make a $750 commission.

In conclusion, I would say that Online Traffic Formula will be a successful company. They have a sound product that will be sold to the masses, even without the affiliate program. If you are looking for cutting edge strategies on how to market, manage, and organize your business, then the Online Traffic Formula is for you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Online Traffic Formula Sneak Peak

We've all yet to hear more information regarding the Online Traffic Formula. A product that is currently flying under the radar, but soon to hit heavy in the market. This article will give you a sneak peak to the Online Traffic Formula.

Online Traffic Formula is a quality information product produced by Jason Pearson. It covers a wide range of "how to's" for internet marketing and sending quality traffic to any website. In addition, it goes over how to organize, operate, and market your business whether online or offline. Don't forget, this is a full home study course, not some $47 ebook with resell rights.

Now the great thing is, Jason over delivers with this program. He doesn't stop at sending you a physically shipped product; Jason gives his students access to a special members only website where they can watch camtasia videos to see step by step how Jason implements his surefire marketing strategies.

I mentioned earlier how this product is targeted towards marketing and managing your business. So it must sound like this is only meant for those who already have experience. Well, that isn't true at all. If someone is a complete newbie and is looking towards opening a business, then they will benefit from investing into the product because each customer will receive a one on one strategy call with an Online Traffic Formula expert to get themselves on the right track.

Great, now we know the basics of being an Online Traffic Formula customer. So, it's time to reveal the exclusive offer they provide to its students. Students will have the option to invest into a live, face to face Online Traffic Formula bootcamp to learn directly from Jason Pearson himself. It would be a three day intense seminar where you would leave knowing that in just weeks, you'll be making a six figure income. It's limited and only available to the home study course purchasers to ensure there is no saturation of Jason Pearson's top notch strategies.

Now to top it all off, Jason Pearson added one more element to the Online Traffic Formula so that his students can benefit from it to the fullest. Jason included an affiliate program to the Online Traffic Formula so that the students can resell the product and get paid handsomely for it. Students can make commissions from the home study course and the exclusive bootcamp offer. With this affiliate program integrated, members will have a plug and play business set up and ready to go.

Moreover, Jason told me that the release of the Online Traffic Formula is tentatively set for March 6th, 2008. However, the launch date may be sooner or later.

Based on the overview of this article regarding the Online Traffic Formula, it seems like many of us are in for a good deal with Jason's product. Jason has truly over delivered, again. The only thing left is to wait for its release and to capitalize on the given knowledge. I hope this has helped you learn more on what the Online Traffic Formula has to offer and encourages you to consider it so that you can prosper and be successful.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Online Traffic Formula Blog!


Boy (or girl), am I glad that you came to this Online Traffic Formula blog!

You've just landed on the information site for Online Traffic Formula.

This blog was made to keep you up to date with the latest information regarding Jason Pearson's latest innovation called, the Online Traffic Formula. In addition, you'll be able to find testimonials and reviews here as we will be adding them on a regular basis.

There is a comments section where you can post any questions or concerns you may have. An Online Traffic Formula member will reply as soon as possible.

To ensure that you don't lose this resourceful site, we suggest that you bookmark or copy and paste our website address into a file that you won't misplace.

Be sure to come back for up to the minute news as you don't want to miss out on what the Online Traffic Formula has to offer :)