Thursday, February 7, 2008

Online Traffic Formula Review

You've landed on this article because you are looking for an honest review about Online Traffic Formula. Well, you are in the right place at the right time because I'm going to provide you here with a fair review about the program. So let's get started.

About The Company

Online Traffic Formula is a complete home study course with an affiliate program opportunity. It was created by Jason Pearson. Jason Pearson is also the creator of Perfect Wealth Formula, another successful affiliate program.

The Products

The home study course is a physically shipped product that comes with three manuals and over 25 CD's. There is a students only website for Online Traffic Formula members as well. Jason has also included an optional three day live seminar for his members as an additional product offer.

Joining Fees

The cost to buy the home study course is $1995 and a monthly fee of $14.97 if you would like to promote it as an affiliate. If the member would like to upgrade to the seminar, it is an additional $3995. However, if the member upgrades within the time sensitive period, they will get a $1000 discount, paying only an extra $2995.

Compensation Plan

Online Traffic Formula is based around a standalone product, but members have the option to resell it as an affiliate. Members get paid a $1000 commission for the home study course. Affiliates can also resell the upgraded option to their customer that bought the home study course. The payout for the upgraded option is a $1500 commission with exception that the customer has upgraded with in a certain time frame. If the customer upgrades after the limited time period, the referrer will make a $750 commission.

In conclusion, I would say that Online Traffic Formula will be a successful company. They have a sound product that will be sold to the masses, even without the affiliate program. If you are looking for cutting edge strategies on how to market, manage, and organize your business, then the Online Traffic Formula is for you.

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Katarina Bader said...

You didn't say anything about product which means that you didn't buy it.
Such review is not good enough.I would like to buy it but don't know what is in it.Maybe it is hype,something we all know already.
Thanks anyway