Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Online Traffic Formula A Scam?

Are you trying to figure out whether or not the Online Traffic Formula is a scam or an honest opportunity? This article will cover some of your concerns so that you can make a final decision on joining the Online Traffic Formula.

Just before we get into it, you need to know that there are three crucial things to consider when making your decision to join a new company: the owner, the products, and the compensation plan.

The Founder
The owner of Online Traffic Formula is Jason Pearson. He founded the Perfect Wealth Formula as well, which is a successful affiliate program that revolutionized the internet marketing world with its two tier compensation plan.

The Products
The Online Traffic Formula product is a complete home study course. It covers topics on how to market, manage, and organize your online or offline business. The course comes with three manuals and over 25 CD's. In addition, members get access to a students only website which contains a series of camtasia videos and unadvertised bonuses. An optional product that only Online Traffic Formula customers can also purchase, are tickets to a live three day seminar where Jason Pearson teaches. The Online Traffic Formula products are standalone. It's a bonus to be able to sell them.

The Compensation Plan
When members resell the physically shipped product, they make a $1000 commission. If they also refer a new Online Traffic Formula customer to the three day seminar, the referrer will make a $1500 commission. In the event that the new customer rejects the three day seminar from the referrer, Jason Pearson's expert team will kindly encourage the newcomer to join. If the newcomer decides to join, the referrer will make a $750 (50% of what they would have made if they sold it without Jason's expert team) commission from doing nothing. This is a very beneficial compensation plan.

Based on the details provided above, the Online Traffic Formula is not a scam. It has a phenomenal compensation plan, top notch products, and a reputable owner that has done very well in the past.

I hope that this article has informed you accurately enough to know that this program is not a scam.

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